India Retreat

Join Kathy Aman from Victor and College Town on this Trip of a Lifetime! Experience yoga and meditation in its birthplace with the community you love! The best part is that we have every detail covered for you. We promise you will walk away with fresh eyes to the wider world, new learnings, understandings and connections to yoga and the land it comes from as well as friendships that will last a lifetime. Click the images below for more details.

Do you want to hear more? Listed below are informational sessions to share the details of the itinerary and answer any questions you have. Stop in at any of the dates and times listed, this could be the the start of your amazing India journey!

Saturday, December 7th, Syracuse, 1:30pm
Monday, December 9th, Downtown, 6:15pm
Tuesday, December 10th, Greece, 7:30pm
Wednesday January 8th, Victor, 7:30pm
Friday January 10th, Webster, 12:30pm         
Saturday, January 11th, College Town, 1:30pm
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